9. Mumford&Sons - Little Lion Man

One of the best performances live I’ve ever seen.

8. Damien Rice - 9 crimes

A song that always gives me goosebumps

7. The Fray - Over my head.

A song that reminds me of my hostsisters in the USA, every day singing it very loudly to school.

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6. Walk off the earth - Somebody that I used to know.

Fucking genious! Also check the other songs! they are great!

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5. Home Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

A song that always makes me happy

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5. Adele - Someone like you

This song stays amazing, everyone knows how she feels! this is wow!

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3. Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl

A song my bf will play for me someday cause I am his brown eyed girl. Shalalalala

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2. Michel Télo: Se eu te pego

A song I will listen to over and over again and know all the words too.

no shame!

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1. Ian Axel: This is the new year!

My favorite song since the beginning it came out and when I heard it during the movie of New Years’eve I was so happy!! :D 

Also my best friend left today to work in Turkey for 10 months and this was our examsong last year.

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My new resolution for 2012

post every day a song on tumblr: SONG OF THE DAY!

I missed the first three days but oh well!

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